BeckyO (beckyo) wrote in no_panties_here,


Lynne invited me to come play.

*looks around and waves*
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I hope you know what you're getting into...these chicks are scary!! I also hope you're going to share fiction with us! Maybe some of the challenges you've done lately? They've been wonderful!

Oh, btw? Thanks for the incredibly gorgeous makes me hot, and I lose my panties.
Scary? Umm no. I've seen scary, and this ain't it. LOL!

Thank you, and you're welcome! Nick and Kev seem to have that effect on me too, on a regular basis.
You just haven't experienced the full force of the Penis Posse yet. *wink*

Somewhere, there's a great pile of lost panties that we can blame the Boys on.
Oh my yes, I feel right at home already. ;)
Hey Beck. Welcome!
Thankies! *g*
Hi! *waves*

Oh, and happy sigh. Nick and Kevin. *flails* They are my popslash OTP, dude!

Mine too! Thank you! :)